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I updated the Display members of AD groups in ShaePoint 2010. Now the solution has a new look and as what one of my friends, Christian Stahl suggested I added links to members of groups and groups to display detailed info about user.

If you use SharePoint Server 2010 and you have my sites configured, you will be redirected to my site host for details about a user.

If user have permission to see members of SharePoint group, the group displays link to group membership page or group settings if you will. You can see the link in the bottom part of the picture.

AD groups now have a new icon, which you can see by the »CORP\sg_finance« AD group.

When you click on the group link you are redirected to a People and Groups page:


Users that are members of the site, not AD groups also have links to details view. If you use SharePoint Foundation 2010 you are redirected to a »Users« list if you use My Sites you are redirected to user's my site.


Hope you find the improved version of my solution useful. If you have any comments or suggestions please send me email to:

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